steering U joint phase

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steering U joint phase

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Is there any *good* reason a steering shaft would be out of phase by 135 or 45deg?

I have a pile of old Subaru intermediate shafts from 90-94s, 95-99s and some newer. They all got replaced because they were bound up. A former Subaru tech gave me then. The ones without a rag joint are 45deg off from being in phase. The ones with a rag joint in the middle are 135 off.

I've disassembled four of the 95-99 ones to get .610-20spl donor yokes (our cars use that spline on both the top and bottom, 95+ uses a finer spline on the column, at some point they went to using a finer spline on the rack too). All of them were bound up. None of them were corroded enough for that to be the excuse. None of them were worn out and sloppy.

Unless someone has a good reason I shouldn't I think I'm gonna properly phase the replacement shafts I'm making. If/when the replacement joints bind up at least that way they'll at least be bound up evenly and there won't be hard spots every ~90deg like when the OEM shaft binds.
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