resonator advice

Snorkus, filters, throttle bodies and intake manifolds.

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resonator advice

Post by zzoldtown »

wondering what size inlet and outlet are. it looks like 3"-3.5"?? and has anyone ever tried to use pcv pipe instead of metal.
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Re: resonator advice

Post by arse_sidewards »

Are you talking about the tube between the MAF and the intake?

Yeah plenty of people have made those kind of things out of PVC pipe. I'll try and measure when I get home but the garage might be snowed in and you might have to wait a few days for snow to melt.
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Re: resonator advice

Post by adema2626 »

Coffee can mod is what you're looking for! Basically you can find a metal coffee mug and take it apart and modify it with fittings. I'm sure the sizes are posted somewhere, but if not you can get some harbor freight calipers and measure the size and it makes it easy because you can take them to the store with you and measure the mugs.

Pulled this up on a quick search, I'm sure there's other threads that are similar.
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