1993 SS Sedan Black - SOLD

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1993 SS Sedan Black - SOLD

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It has come time to sell my beloved 1993 SS. I never thought that I would sell it. I've had plans to completely restore it but I have a WRX and two Outback XTs at the moment and the SS is just gonna sit there and I want it to go to a good home.

It has been my wife's DD since I joined this site (8 years?). She absolutely loves the car. But it was time to get her something newer so I got her an 06 Outback XT.

Car runs great. No issues. Pulls strong and holds stock 8.7 psi boost. No boost leaks.

Located in Salt Lake City, UT.

Car is mechanically sound with functioning 4EAT. Engine does not leak a drop of anything, and you could eat off of it. I have a bunch of parts for it, some of which I would consider including in the sale price, or give you a deal.

I purchased the car in Colorado with 164K on it, it now has 201k on it. At 164k I replaced the HGs and replaced all seals, hoses, vacuum lines, PCV lines, with new OEM parts.

Stock EJ22t, stock EJ22T heads
All new seals, hoses, HGs, etc. @ 164k.
WRX coolant expansion tank

Stock Turbo 4EAT
New duty C solenoid
Shifts great, no issues.
New OEM soft lines.
Fresh fluid.

7 out of 10.
Boost Gauge.
Tear in driver's seat bolster (I have a set of bugeye seats I could throw in there for $100).
Moonroof sometimes leaks. Fixable, just haven't had time. It usually opens, sometimes it doesn't.
Decent Kenwood HU.
Polk Component Speakers (tweeters and lows) powered by a separate amp.
Trunk is wired for subs and amp as well. Have a box with two nice 10" subs and decent amp I can include for a little extra. Was planning on selling them separately.

Two front fenders are rusted a bit and dented. I have two good fenders to replace them. One is green, no rust, and the other is a brand new OEM fender primed in black ($285 from the dealership).
Paint is OK. I was going to restore and respray.
Small rust bubble on rear driver's side quarter panel. You can purchase new rear quarter panels now for $80 that would fix it right up from Subie Savers.
Some dings here and there, but overall the body is straight and in good condition.

KYB-GR2s with H&R sport springs. Handles great.

16" Legacy rims.
Blizzak Snow Tires w/one season on them.
Firestone All Seasons with about 4k miles on them ($600, purchased last fall).

Things I have replaced:
New steering rack, tie rods, and ball joints.
Power steering lines ($300 from the dealership).
Fuel Injectors.
Diamond 5MT coil pack.
All coolant lines, vacuum lines, PCV lines, boost lines.
Oil Pan.
AC compressor (found BNIB OEM compressor on ebay - blows Ice cold)
Power Steering pump
WRX Momo Steering wheel (airbag functions).
New MAF Sensor
Walbro 255 lph fuel pump

Parts I was planning on installing (not included):
TD04 with 7k miles ($150)
06 Forester tmic ($50)
All the necessary silicone couplers and elbows to do the TD04 conversion and install ($75)
EDM Glass headlights with Leveling switch ($250)
Robtune ECU w/445 and 550 tune (a jumper switches from both) SOLD
Robtune 2to4 converter SOLD
Harness patch 2to4 convertor so it's just plug and play for the Robtune ECU SOLD
Fuel rails to install 550s.SOLD
Extra TCU ($10)
Stock Headlights (extra set) $50
Catless two piece 2.5" DP wrapped with Titanium DI wrap (fits 02 WRX) ($75)

Driver's side retractable seatbelt is stuck. You have to unclip the belt when you get out.
Front two CV axle boots are torn.
Small rust bubbles on rear quarter panel.
Front fenders are crap (but I have to replacement fenders. Good luck finding them these days!)
Torn seat bolster.
Driver's side door card has seen better days.

I will add pics as soon as I can.

Really sad to see it go. Wish I had more room to keep it.

Let me know if you are interested!
93 SS - SOLD
03 WRX 22T/205 20GXT 350 whp
95 BK - Sold to my neighbor.
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